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Leaders in the production of extruded through-body porcelain (clinker): with a production capacity of 10,000 m2/day and a variety of 500 different references, most of them special pieces, ours is one of the top factories in the world for this type of products.

It offers a wide range of select designs for floor and wall tiling and countertop solutions. Likewise, our technical department, which works on industrial uses and water facilities, offers high-performance products that are particularly resistant to chemicals, which will always be required for these specific uses.

Gres Aragón uses the best natural clays to make their products. It is an excellent raw material furnace baked at 1300 ºC for 24 hours, creating a completely glazed product that is extremely strong with outstanding technical qualities.


FAVEKER® ® is registered as a trademark developed by Gres Aragón for ventilated façades.

Gres Aragón

Today, the use of ceramics as a supporting item in building construction has become one of the milestones in contemporary architecture. The so-called "skin" of a building describes its aesthetics and expresses the meaning of the habitat. While there are all sorts of examples throughout history of how ceramics are used in construction, it is also true that the sense of this detail in terms of function, utility and resulting value form part of the essence of architectural achievement.

FAVEKER® designs a ventilated façade system with extruded ceramics as a new thermal enclosure for buildings with a view to reducing energy use. For a lifestyle more in harmony with the environment, FAVEKER® blends the efficient use of materials with a technically ideal solution. The result is an indication of the balance between sustainable development and maximum energy saving. The stability and performance against deformation, coupled with creative flexibility and a variety of shapes and sizes, make FAVEKER® a product which caters to all needs and demands for ventilated façade systems.