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  • A very versatile model that is perfectly suited to most façade designs, optimising weight and transport costs.

  • Terracotta slats in square and rectangular shapes to create latticework systems with different layouts.

Faveker - Gres Aragón


It offers a wide range of select designs for floor and wall tiling and countertop solutions

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Committed to ongoing improvement in our processes to help contribute to a better environment

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Discover the architectural work carried out using our range of FAVEKER® products




The FAVEKER® porcelain cladding, coupled with the air chamber, is an effective form of protection against water, which is eliminated by ventilation of the air cavity.

The ventilated FAVEKER® façade in porcelain paste provides effective insulation against extreme heat and cold. On FAVEKER® façades the temperature difference between the inside and the outside, controlled thanks to the porcelain cladding barrier and air chamber, eliminates possible condensation on the surface.

  • Modularity and formats.
  • Adjustment of flatness of both structure and parts.
  • Possibility of adjusting joints, whether vertical or horizontal.
  • Easy to replace parts.
  • Separation between the supporting structure and the outer layer to fit the insulation.
  • Solutions for different attachment points to the façade.
  • Stability during useful life and durability.
  • High level of resistance to breakage.
  • Good performance against deformation.
  • Competitive costs and quick installation.


  • FAVEKER® took part in the renovation of the most emblematic building in city of Zaragoza, the "Nuestra Señora del Pilar" Basilica. Different enamels based on restoration by the architect Teodoro Ríos.


  • Ceramic mural for the main façade of the Grancasa Shopping Mall in Zaragoza.

  • Ceramic mural for the Plaza de los Amantes fountain in Teruel.

  • Development of a ceramic latticework and continuous wall covered with ceramics for the façade of the Aragonia complex in Zaragoza.

  • At Expo Zaragoza 2008, the theme of the Spanish Pavilion was "Science and Creativity," featuring a modern, dynamic outlook that reflects science and creativity in today's Spain.

    Extruded through-body natural porcelain pieces with a length of 100 x 30 and 100 x 20 cm.

  • Gres Aragón donates commemorative murals of the Centennial of the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido.