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Facade Cladding: How to Choose the Right Type

Choosing the right facade cladding is key to guaranteeing not only the structural integrity of a building but also to define its esthetic character and energy efficiency.

Choosing the right facade cladding is key to guaranteeing not only the structural integrity of a building but also to define its esthetic character and energy efficiency.

With the wide range of options available, it’s essential to consider factors such as the climate, location and architectural style of the building to ensure a proper choice.

At Faveker, we know every little detail counts and that’s why we offer expert guidance and quality products so your facade will stand out with elegance and functionality.

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What is the best outdoor facade cladding?

Determining the best cladding for outdoor facades means evaluating more than just esthetics. Durability, resistance to environmental factors and maintenance are critical aspects that must influence any decision.

Of the various materials available for facade cladding, there are several options ranging from the most classic to the most contemporary. Brick, wood, aluminum, glass and stone, among others, offer an extensive range of possibilities for meeting the style and functional needs of any architectural project.

However, within this diversity, each material has specific properties with certain advantages or disadvantages depending on the way they’re used and included in a project. Faveker is committed to ceramic as it stands out above all the others as an exceptional choice. Although each material has its own distinctive qualities, ceramic combines the best of both worlds: an impressive look and resistant functionality. While wood provides warmth and authenticity and stone offers resistance to moisture as well as a natural look, ceramic is positioned somewhere in the middle as it merges esthetic elegance with practical durability.

Choosing ceramic for a ventilated facade offers several significant benefits:

  1. Broad Esthetic Variety: Digital printing technology used with ceramic provides the possibility of replicating a wide variety of finishes including imitation wood and stone. This means designers and architects can achieve diverse, personalized esthetic styles to adapt the facade to the architectural context and customer’s own preferences.
  2. Quality and Durability: With all the innovations in digital printing techniques, ceramic can be finished with the utmost quality and durability. Printed designs maintain their integrity throughout the passing of time, resisting inclement weather and maintaining the original look with minimal maintenance.
  3. Design Versatility: The flexibility of digitally printed ceramic allows for the creation of complex patterns, detailed textures and personalized colors. This not only increases the esthetic possibilities, but also provides designers with the freedom to experiment and express their creativity.
  4. Resistance to Environmental Factors: By nature, ceramic is resistant to moisture, color fading and other environment factors. Combining this inherent resistance with the precision of digital printing leads to the creation of a material that can withstand adverse climate conditions without compromising on the look. Moreover, Faveker ceramic complies through certification with these aspects thanks to its Bioklinker treatment which affixes the products with antipathogen properties inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungi… not to mention efficacy against odors.
  5. Energy Efficiency: With its thermal inertia properties, ceramic contributes to a building’s energy efficiency by helping regulate the indoor temperature. By allowing air circulation, ventilated facades optimize this thermal insulation capability even more.
  6. Sustainability: The durability of ceramic and its capacity to replicate natural materials reduce the need for frequent replacements which enhances the long-term sustainability of any project. Moreover, digital printing can minimize material loss with more precise production.

Outdoor facade cladding by Faveker meets these needs by providing solutions combining advanced technology with an innovative design. Whether you’re looking for a modern look or a traditional finish, our facade cladding is designed to exceed all expectations and last throughout time.

Aware of the importance of sustainability, Faveker includes environmentally-friendly and responsible production processes in all facade cladding. Our cladding systems not only embellish buildings but also contribute to their energy efficiency and indoor comfort thanks to their outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities. Our ceramic stands out because of its sustainable characteristics as this material is 100% recyclable at the end of its service life. This means it can be easily valorized as raw material to produce new ceramic, be used in filler materials or even as aggregate. Plus, more than 99.5% is valorized as a raw material in our own processes or through delivery to an authorized waste management authority. And, finally, our sustainable materials also include up to 50% recycled material in their composition, which supports the promotion of circular economies.

Choosing Faveker means choosing a long-term commitment to quality, esthetics and environmental responsibility.

Facade cladding for modern homes

When searching for facade cladding for modern homes, esthetics meets technology. Faveker offers solutions that adapt to today’s architecture, providing a palette of finishes and colors in line with current trends.

This facade cladding not only provides esthetic value but is also designed to enhance the energy efficiency and durability of the structures it’s used on.

What’s more, choosing Faveker comes with the guarantee of resistant material offering exceptional protection against external elements for long-lasting beauty throughout the years with minimal maintenance.

Getting deep into the esthetics of facade cladding projects for homes, Faveker presents a diverse and complete portfolio covering a wide range of initiatives. From rehabilitations that bring life back to existing structures to new construction work shaping projects from zero, our portfolio reflects the versatility of our creative capacity. Another category worth highlighting is custom where we have used Faveker ceramic for emblematic projects. The building housing the Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital Research Institute is one of themIn these cases, we design custom solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs and supply our unique ceramic to projects that stand out due to their singularity and distinctive character.

Taking advantage of our advanced technology and meticulous application of innovative techniques, we’ve been able to precisely recreate the unique look of all sorts of materials like wood and stone to give each of our projects that same look yet with the significant properties of ceramic.

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Facade cladding for business premises

When it comes to a business, the first impression is crucial and attractive facade cladding can significantly make the difference. Faveker facade cladding provides a modern and distinctive design that can be personalized to reflect the identify of any brand.

With options such as ceramic facade cladding, which combines esthetics and functionality, Faveker guarantees facade cladding for business premises is not only attention-grabbing but also practical and sustainable.

One of the most recent projects we’ve carried out in ventilated facades for business premises was the well-known Gran Casa shopping mall in Zaragoza. This project was conceived with an approach focusing on sustainability and a look that would integrate harmoniously into the urban environment. The facade developed by Faveker played a fundamental role in the achievement of these goals.

The choice of a ceramic facade not only stands out due to the visual esthetics, but also because it means resistance and durability over time. The Gran Casa project is proof of our commitment to quality, sustainability and excellence in contemporary architecture in Zaragoza. It’s an exceptional achievement that reflects our comprehensive approach and the satisfaction of a major project!

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At Faveker, we understand each project is unique. That’s why our approach to facade cladding types is comprehensive, offering everything from outdoor facade cladding to ceramic cladding solutions for home facades that align with any budget and design vision.

When cladding a home facade or choosing materials to clad other facades, whatever the use may be, Faveker has the answer with outdoor facade cladding that will mark a turning point for your home, building or business.