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An interactive FAVEKER® tool to preview finishes on ceramic pieces after choosing colors, textures and volumes.

Ceramic tile finishes

This practical tool allows you to preview the ceramic piece finish chosen for your ventilated facade project based on the parameters selected. With this functionality, you can take a look at all the possibilities offered by each piece according to the chromatic range, textures and volumes available.

Ceramic tile colors

The chromatic categories for our ceramic pieces are classified into terracotta, glazed and nature. View the finishes on facade panels by choosing the different color options.

Ventilated facade textures

The use of digital printing technology with ceramic has brought about new esthetic choices for these pieces. With a combination of image and texture, the finishes may be matte, gloss, texturized or grainy.

Building envelope volumes

FAVEKER® ceramic skin provides a distinguished design due to the volume of the ceramic pieces. Choose smooth, grooved, wavy, crenel, crest or slatted and view the results.

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