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Conscientiously sustainable

Conscientiously sustainable

At FAVEKER® we strive to guarantee the sustainability and circularity of our building solutions, their components and the production process. Our building envelopes stand out for their efficiency and sustainability, since their components are fully recyclable and they are made up of at least 48% recycled content. Our EPD, certified by AENOR, has been dually recognized by Global EPD and ECOPLatform; our environmental management system is certified as complying with the ISO 14001 standard; and our production plant has been awarded a zero-waste rating.

The Faveker® plant in Alcorisa (Teruel) has control equipment that rejects defective products prior to firing in order to reduce the energy expense and generation of waste involved with processing products that do not comply with the quality standards required for sale on the market.

We recycle 100% of the process wastewater generated in the production process without the need for any physical or chemical treatments, thus achieving zero discharge of process wastewater.

Sustainable development goals

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As a socially responsible company, we’re committed to seeking balance between social wellbeing, environmental care and economic growth.

FAVEKER® is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as expressed in our Mission, Vision and Values; particularly, the following:

6R sustainability concept FAVEKER®

Recyclable and recycled

Sustainable materials, 100% recyclable and with at least 48% of recycled content. We promote circular economies.


We offer heights and lengths for standard pieces that are suitable to modulate refurbishments, improving the external look and the energy performance of the buildings.

Respect for the environment

The recyclable nature, the recycled content, the reduction of emissions thanks to the energy-demand lowering, make our materials be environmentally friendly.

Reduction of consumption and emissions

The increase of insulation that it gives to the systems allows an important primary energy saving for the building.

Reduction of pathogens

Thanks to the Bioklinker® treatment, antipathogen properties are added to FAVEKER® ventilated façades, helping to sanitize the place.


Porcelain tiles manufactured by extrusion with spans between supports of at least 1500 mm.

Sustainability report

Gres Aragón-Faveker is a socially responsible company. In 2022 we have drawn up the first Sustainability Report according to the Corporate Social Responsibility Plan (CSR) in Aragón in which we are involved and have obtained the Social Responsibility seal. Every year we are committed to complying with the Ethical Commitment that we have signed and to prepare a CSR Report.

The report refers to our two companies: Gres de Aragón S.A. and FAVEKER S.L., belonging to GRES ARAGÓN group. The report shows the company performance in 2021, the progress made in 2022 (and even in 2023) towards the Strategic Plan 21-23.


Environmental certifications

ISO 14001 Environment

The Faveker plant is certified under standard ISO 14001 as part of the GRES ARAGÓN group. The environmental management system is based on fostering the sustainable use of resources, increasing energy efficiency, mitigating climate change and maximizing waste re-use.

Zero waste

Faveker became certified in December 2021 with this circular economy-based environmental seal. SGS has accredited that more than 99.59% of the waste generated at all production sites is recycled and re-used in the very production process at its sites or delivered to authorized managers to prevent elimination at dumps.

Environmental product declaration (EPD)

FAVEKER has 1 Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the ceramic ventilated facade models GA16 and GA20 manufactured using horizontal extrusion belonging to the Ala group. They have been verified by the EPD International System and have been recognized in Europe by the ECO Platform.

Environmental product declaration (EPD)

Along with GRES ARAGON, FAVEKER has calculated the organization’s carbon footprint under standard ISO 14064:2019 which includes 3 emissions scopes (direct, indirect due to the consumption of electricity and other indirect emissions scopes).

The facades are certified by the EPD System as concerns their carbon footprint. The main objective is to calculate our emissions in order to set up carbon footprint reduction plans throughout the organization.

Recycled material content

FAVEKER calculates the average content of pre-consumption recycled material annually in its different product ranges pursuant to standard ISO 14021. The recycled material content mainly comes from internal recycling of ceramic waste before and after firing as well as the recycled content of raw materials.


As part of Gres Aragón, Faveker has endorsed the Ecoembes packaging prevention plan. We implement packaging eco-design measures to reduce the quantity and environmental impact of cardboard, plastic and wooden packaging for our products throughout their lifecycles.

Green Building Council Spain – GBCE

As part of Gres Aragon, Faveker is a member of the Green Building Council Spain, an association that promotes a culture of sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally-friendly construction. FAVEKER® ventilated façades contribute to obtaining LEED®, BREEAM and GREEN credits, as detailed in the product sheet available on the GBCe Materials Platform.