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Facade and building

A ceramic ventilated facade offers one of the best solutions when renovating a building. It will achieve a considerable increase in the market value of the property, significant energy savings and lower maintenance costs.

Building renovation

Using a Faveker® ceramic ventilated facade will give any building a renovated, modern image with guaranteed esthetic durability all while enabling major savings because of the enhanced energy efficiency after installing the new thermal envelope.


Renovation project

A Faveker® ceramic ventilated facade is a construction solution that can eliminate thermal bridging which cause 30% of the energy used in traditional buildings. It can also prevent problems such as condensation and moisture.

Thus, a renovation with this ceramic skin improves the occupants’ comfort while also making the building sustainable with 100% recyclable material and more than 50% recycled content.

Why is it necessary to isolate
conveniently a building?

To remove thermal bridging, which is responsible for 30% of the climate control energy losses in a building. This happens in most buildings over 10 years old and even in some of the more recent ones. It’s due to the fact that the interior is in contact with the exterior through continuous solid elements (the building structure).

Comparative thermography between a building with significant energy losses due to the structural elements (left) and the same building renovated and correctly insulated on the outside (right).

What are some of the problems that arise with a building that is inadequately insulated?

The problems that can occur with a poorly insulated facade always end up affecting the rest of the building in one way or another. The most common problems from poor insulation include condensation, a cold wall effect, moisture on the outside and inside, a loss of indoor temperature (which leads to higher consumption, higher climate control expenses and higher associated emissions), structural defects caused by the dampness, less comfort…

How can we solve this?

By installing a FAVEKER® ceramic ventilated facade, which offers the following advantages:
– Less primary energy demand (70%).
– Acoustic thermal insulation.
– Watertightness and breathability.
– Safety (fire + wind + quakes).
– Durability.
– Plenty of design possibilities.
– 100% recyclable with 48% recycled materials in the composition.
– Easy to install.

To get the following benefits:

– Economic savings (up to 50% on electricity and gas).
– Lower CO2 emissions.
– Increased indoor comfort.
– Health, improves the quality of the indoor air.
– Safety and habitability.
– Zero maintenance.
– Sustainable.
– Quick construction without disturbances or the need to vacate the building during the work.

Aid for building renovation

With aid for building renovations, you can save up to 50% on electricity and gas in your building, making it more efficient and sustainable. Besides these savings and enhancing the comfort, your building will give off less CO2 emissions associated with living in it. What’s more, the value will increase, the look will be improved and its life will be extended.


Our personnel will provide you with more information and guide you throughout the decision-making process.

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Renovation projects

We have worked on all types of building renovation projects over the years, solving problems concerning maintenance, safety, poor insulation and wasteful energy use.