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Faveker® ventilated facade solutions with extrusion-manufactured ceramic panels and fixing systems. Esthetics, durability, resistance, energy efficiency and comfort in unique, one-of-a kind construction solutions.

Ceramic Panels

When combined with the best porcelain tile clay, these facade products increase in resistance and lightness with the very same thickness.

Technically optimal, certified and quality ceramic pieces for ceramic thermal envelopes. Ceramic extrusion technology makes it possible to obtain alveolar pieces with the right shapes to be installed without needing any later machining.


Fixing systems

These anchoring systems are easy to install and enable facade personalization. Plus, they’re compatible with most Faveker ceramic pieces.

The best way to anchor ceramic tiles to a building facade is through a light fixing system to optimize the costs all while emphasizing a linear design that absorbs vibrations. Hidden fixing systems are comprised of profiles in different sizes and shapes, support and retention brackets, as well as other accessories to facilitate anchoring: bolts, Thermostop insulation, dowels, clips and plugs.



An interactive tool to preview the look of a piece after choosing colors, textures and volumes. Choose from a range of tones, weaving and shapes available and see how these characteristics look when applied to a ceramic product.