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Ventilated Facade

Faveker® is an extruded-ceramic-ventilated-façade-system manufacturer, to be used on refurbishment, new construction and customized projects. We help to get more building sustainability, which turns into more efficiency and comfort, thanks to the better thermal and sound insulation, while providing the building with healthy and eco-friendly materials and 100% recyclable systems which are made of at least 40% recycled material. Our porcelain ceramic tiles are manufactured by extrusion and verified since the reception of raw materials to the packaging under strict quality controls. These are high-resistance products with no maintenance needed.

Faveker figures

Years of experience behind us
Different countries
Finished projects
Millions of manufactured m2


The ceramic tiles for ventilated façades by Faveker® can installed on light fixing systems that optimize the costs of the substructure that emphasize the design linearity and absorb vibrations. In addition to being easy-to-assemble systems, the best part is that Faveker® tiles are compatible with several of these systems, so the customization possibilities of the ventilated façade are endless.



The ceramic products GA16, GA20, GA30, Lamas and Custom offer solutions for any type of construction challenge. Find out which one best adapts to your project.



A wide range of natural, glazed and
terracotta colors to completely personalize your project.

Matte, glossy, texturized or grainy finishes to
give your project even more strength and personality.

Our 3D solutions go one step further with
an infinite number of customizable extrusion options.