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Technical advising on ventilated facades

Technical consulting on ventilated facade and thermal envelope projects for homes and buildings. We adapt to your project. At Faveker®, we offer advising and training for architects, installers, builders and individuals. Shall we talk?

Our technical advising service is an essential cornerstone among the services provided by our Faveker® Technical Office. Our expert team offers technical consulting for all ventilated facade projects at any time.

Faveker® facade solutions can be of interest to architects, installers, builders and individuals and each of them have their own specific needs. Contact us and tell us about your project.

Technical consulting for facade architecture

The esthetic possibilities for a building with a ventilated facade are endless. Through our Technical Office, we provide architects with digital tools, 3D viewers and simulators to preview any ceramic facade project.

Ask us about choices in volumes, formats, colors and finishes. We will advise you on all the design possibilities and accompany you so you can take your architectural projects to the next level, achieving the innovation, design and look you want.

Technical advising on ceramic facades for builders

Added to the technical complications involved with ventilated facades are other matters such as delivery deadlines, budgets and certifications. The expert team at Faveker® helps builders by answering their technical questions and assisting them throughout their projects.


Betting on an efficient and sustainable solution for new facade construction projects is a priority within the construction sector. At Faveker, we advise you on how we work sustainability into our products and how we apply it to our construction solutions.

Advising service for facade installers

The assembly of ventilated facade systems requires knowledge, experience and skill. Our Technical Office offers assistance to installation teams, accompanying them throughout the entire process, answering their questions on fixing systems and recommending the best for each thermal envelope installation project with ceramic panels.


Besides advising and consulting, installers can download useful documentation for their work such as installation manuals and technical data sheets for different ceramic panel models.

Advising for individuals on ventilated facades for homes

The expert team at Faveker® will advise you on the solution to choose to save energy in your home by selecting a sustainable and efficient thermal envelope.


We’ll answer your questions on the advantages of ventilated facades, the benefits they offer, cleaning recommendations and how this construction solution can work to increase comfort and livability in your home. Just ask us!