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The ceramic tiles for ventilated façades by FAVEKER® can installed on light fixing systems that optimize the costs of the substructure that emphasize the design linearity and absorb vibrations. In addition to being easy-to-assemble systems, the best part is that FAVEKER® tiles are compatible with several of these systems, so the customization possibilities of the ventilated façade are endless.

FTS 502 A

Hidden fixing system with horizontal profiles that absorbs vibrations by means of spring clips or polymer resin. Available in aluminium or stainless steel, allows designs of façade that break up the vertical linearity. It is compatible with GA16 and GAV, ideal for refurbishment and buildings with small-size tiles. Horizontal profiles are installed on vertical profiles which are fixed on brackets.

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FTS 502 B

Fixing system with vertical profiles made of vertical and horizontal load brackets, simple and double stainless-steel clips and connecting elements. The continuous vertical joint includes an EPDM profile to avoid the entry of water and vibrations. The brackets are designed to be adapted to different air chamber thicknesses. It allows lengths up to 1200 mm between vertical profiles and is compatible with GA16, GA20 and GA30.

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FTS 502 B Vertical

This variation of the FTS 502 B system allows a vertical orientation of the GA20 ceramic pieces.It is made in a simple way by anchoring the pieces entering the clips on the holes of the piece instead of the longitudinal groove.

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FTS 506

Hidden fixing system made of vertical and horizontal load brackets with horizontal battens which enables out-of-phase layouts with the FAVEKER® tiles. Horizontal profiles are installed on the vertical profiles which lay on the brackets. The tolerance fitting between the ceramic tiles and the horizontal profile is made by means of polymer polyurethane mastic. Compatible with GA20.

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FTS 506 GR

Hidden fixing system made of vertical and horizontal load brackets with horizontal sections of 150 mm long battens. This system allows to optimize the necessary amount of horizontal profile whilst maintaining high resistance performance as well as shortening installation time due to its easy and simple assembly. Compatible with GA20.

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FTS 505

Hidden fixing system for vertical installation of extruded ceramic pieces. It consists of a combination of horizontal and vertical profiles, on which customized clips for FAVEKER® tiles are fixed.

Adaptability of this system is such that it can be used even for vertical out-of-phase designs. It includes EPDM profile to protect the back wall against the entry of water through the horizontal gap as well as to mitigate impact and wind vibrations. It is valid for GA16GA20 and GA30.