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Detailed facade modulation

One of Faveker’s core principles is to work as a team with our clients, providing personalized services, custom projects and unique construction solutions.

Detailed ventilated facade modulation is a powerful tool for architects, designers and real estate developers looking to make their projects stand out. It not only improves the facade performance in terms of comfort and energy efficiency, but also adds undeniable esthetic value.

What is detailed modulation?

Ventilated facades offer a number of benefits from enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation to greater moisture resistance and durability. However, in order to maximize their performance and beauty, paying attention to detailed modulation is crucial.

Detailed modulation involves the meticulous design and positioning of the elements comprising a ventilated facade such as supports and fixing elements. This approach makes it possible to create unique patterns and volumes that adapt to the specific needs of each project all while providing a distinctive touch to the architectural design.

As part of this interest in personalizing products and services, FAVEKER® offers custom solutions based on precise modulations optimized with our standard formats.

What does detailed ventilated facade modulation offer?

By optimizing a ventilated facade with detailed modulation, you can get surprising results in terms of the look and functionality. Plus, this technique gives you:

  • Greater design flexibility
  • The integration of decorative elements
  • The creation of impressive visual effects
  • More efficient use of materials
  • Shorter installation times
  • Lower logistics and handling expenses


One good example of this in our catalog are porcelain tile pieces in a 500×1500 mm format, which are dimensions that increase the creative possibilities of any architectural project.

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