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FAVEKER is a company located in Alcorisa (Teruel) dedicated to manufacturing ceramic products by extrusion, belonging to Gres Aragón and SAMCA GROUP, a member of the National Construction Confederation (CNC).

During the rectification process of ceramic pieces to improve the aesthetic finish of their edges, a non-hazardous residue of dry dust is produced (150 tons/year). This dust is recovered by absorption through a bag filter and, until now, it was collected in big bags to be delivered to an authorized waste management company that carried out valorization treatment for the production of aggregates. This waste could not be used because the dust contained metals from the cutting wheels, and if used as raw material, aesthetic impurities would arise in the pieces.

In 2022, the first step was taken to achieve internal reuse of the dust as a raw material. For this purpose, research was conducted on the use of a new type of hybrid cutting wheels that prevent contamination with metallic particles. After several process tests and obtaining favorable results, in 2023, an investment was made to modify the current installation with a pneumatic conveyor that propels the dust collected by the bag filter, now free of contaminating particles, to a new silo in the raw material dosing area. In this silo, the dust is stockpiled and continuously dosed to introduce it into the kneading-extrusion process along with the rest of the raw materials. Thanks to this investment, FAVEKER no longer manages externally as waste 150 tons of ceramic dust and reduces the acquisition of raw materials. This measure reduces the organization’s carbon footprint associated with transportation (upstream and downstream) and product purchases.

Gres de Aragón is committed to the circular economy and sustainability, focusing on the motto of its strategy “more value, less impact“. Its products contain up to 50% recycled material content in the raw materials.