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FTS 502 B

Fixing system with vertical profiles made of vertical and horizontal load brackets, simple and double stainless-steel clips and connecting elements. The continuous vertical joint includes an EPDM profile to avoid the entry of water and vibrations. The brackets are designed to be adapted to different air chamber thicknesses. It allows lengths up to 1200 mm between vertical profiles and is compatible with GA16, GA20 and GA30.

Components of the
fixing system

T Grooved Profile

L Grooved Profile

Vertical load bracket H120

Horizontal load bracket H60

EPDM T profile

EPDM L Profile

Termostop H120

Termostop H60mm

Self-drilling screw 5,5

Self-drilling screw 4,8

Expansive metallic fixer

Polyamide TFUX fixer

Clip GA16 double 13mm

Clip GA16 simple 13 mm, clip GA20 simple 15 mm, clip GA30 simple 19 mm

Plastic top for polyamide fixer

GA20 ventilated façade installation tutorial

GA16 ventilated façade installation tutorial