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Custom solutions and unique volumes with custom ceramic pieces

Finding the ceramic pieces that adapt to each architectural project is not always easy. Whether due to complexity, innovation or specific needs, the truth is that some buildings require ceramic envelopes with unique volumes and singular finishes.

The extrusion manufactured pieces used on FAVEKER® ventilated facades offer custom solutions that go beyond the standard geometries.

Unique ceramic pieces for custom facades

Custom pieces with personalized volumes have the power to personalize any project for singular, unique and original buildings. This is one of the advantages most highly appreciated by architects and developers as it allows design freedom so they can let their imaginations run wild.

Whether due to the volume of the piece, the finish or installation system, the truth is custom pieces enable personalized solutions where creativity and ingenuity truly shine through.

Take a look at these Custom pieces

What are the advantages of extrusion when it comes to personalized projects?

Since the material is ceramic, these pieces provide facades with exceptional resistance and durability. Additionally, extrusion technology leads to the following benefits when personalizing thermal building envelope projects:

1Developing singular shapes for special projects.

2Creating different volumes based on the design.

3Obtaining alveolar pieces with the right geometries.

4Easy installation as the panels do not require any subsequent machining.

5Achieving complex pieces with custom formats.

6Integrating other features such as diversity and accessibility in buildings.

Personalized volumes in singular buildings

Playing with volumes is possible with the optimized volumes allowed by extrusion manufactured ceramic. Powerful volumes that identify projects with character to create buildings that are representative of their surroundings.

Taking a look at custom projects that have already been completed is one way to get inspiration and realize just how infinite the possibilities are with custom ceramic solutions for architectural projects. Pieces that offer design freedom, singular buildings and endless creativity!


Facade colors and textures with endless possibilities

Besides playing with volumes, custom projects also make it possible to personalize the colors and textures of each piece. With technologies like digital printing we can replicate infinite choices in chromatic ranges, transforming textures in both matte and glossy finishes.

Why choose custom solutions for ventilated facades?

Ceramic panels that come in a standard format or with already existing fixing systems do not always fit all the requirements for a singular project. FAVEKER® custom solutions meet the needs by offering:

• Chromatic ranges with original finishes

• More privacy and natural light

• Uniquely designed fixing systems

• Coherence with the environment

• Adaptation to the entire architectural look

• Specific engineering solutions

• Personal design style

Ceramic pieces for ventilated facades already have all the technical characteristics necessary to offer the best results meaning the facade cladding technical requirements are covered. Extruded ceramic gives finishes extra personalization with even more benefits along with anchoring systems designed ad hoc for each custom project.


Technical documentation for custom solutions: pieces and systems

The FAVEKER® Technical Office offers comprehensive advising for any custom ventilated facade project. Download the documentation for these types of custom ceramic pieces and personalized fixing systems and get the answers to all your questions.


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