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Prado Residences Apartments, Dominican Republic

Faveker ceramic facade project in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It features a ventilated facade in GA16, with an attractive salmon tone and an efficient fixing system, the FTS 502 A. This development comprises a collection of apartments, consisting of two adjacent buildings.

The choice of ceramic for the facade of these apartment blocks provides fundamental properties that enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Ceramic, renowned for its durability and resistance, ensures a long lifespan and easy maintenance. Additionally, its ability to withstand the effects of the weather, such as humidity and solar radiation, ensures a facade that will maintain its attractiveness for many years.

In aesthetic terms, the selected salmon tone adds a touch of warmth and distinction to the architecture, creating a unique visual presence in the Winston Churchill area. The ventilated facade contributes to the energy efficiency and interior comfort of the apartments.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Fixing System
FTS 502 A
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