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ceramic pieces

Cladding panels for
porcelain facades with male/female coupling

A ceramic tile model for thermal envelopes that stands out due to its versatility. This facade clad panel with male/female coupling is ideal for installation on buildings in humid areas. The GA16 is meant to specially protect the ventilated chamber as the male/female coupling of each piece provides protection against the entrance of moisture.

The piece for GA16 ventilated facades is a light, raised access model: at 18 mm thick, it’s a lightweight ceramic product which makes for easier installation and transportation as well as simple positioning and replacement.

On what types of buildings can GA16 tiles with male/female coupling be installed?

GA16 pieces are perfect for ventilated facades on buildings located in humid areas. Plus, they adapt to most building designs such as:

Residential buildings



Public buildings


Range of colors on GA16 raised access ceramic tiles

The tones on GA16 ceramic pieces are classified into three chromatic ranges with different finishes and textures: Terracotta, Glazed and Nature.

Terracotta. They stand out due to the intensity of the smooth, solid colors in the ceramic pieces such as white, beige, salmon, red, brown, gray and black.

Glazed. These ceramic pieces are surprising due to their glazing, which gives the tiles shiny effects and metallic finishes.

Nature. With finishes that include weaving in their designs and ceramic pieces that imitate wood, marble and other stones.

Characteristics of GA16 ceramic pieces

• Porcelain tiling

• Horizontal joint overlap

• 2 rectified sides

• Hidden anchoring

• Raised access

Format and dimensions of GA16 ceramic pieces

GA16 ceramic tiles for ventilated facades weigh 31.7 kg/m2, are 18 mm thick and are available in a number of format combinations depending on their size in mm (nominal/real):

With a range of widths: 200/205, 250/255, 300/305, 350/355, 400/405 and 500/505

And different lengths: 800/792, 1000/992, 1200/1192, 1500/1492 and 1800/1792


Fixing systems and installation of GA16 ceramic pieces

FAVEKER® ceramic tiles for ventilated facades can be installed over light fixing systems to optimize the costs of the underlying structure all while emphasizing a linear design that absorbs vibrations.

In addition to being easy to assemble, the best thing about FAVEKER® pieces is that they’re compatible with several of these systems meaning the customization possibilities for a ventilated facade are endless. On the other hand, they offer the great advantage of installation with 1200 mm spans without needing any intermediate supports.

Which fixing systems are most appropriate for GA16 tiles?

The most appropriate anchoring solutions for GA16 ceramic pieces are the FTS 502A, FTS 502B and the FTS505 fixing systems.

FTS 502A
FTS 502B
FTS 505

Characteristics table for GA16 ceramic models

Weight 31,7 kg/m2
EN standard IS0 13006 UNE-EN 14411
Water absorption UNE EN 10545-3 ≤0,5%
Moisture expansion UNE EN 10545-8 <0.1mm/m
Thermal expansion UNE EN 10545-10 <6 μm/(m°C)
Frost resistance UNE EN 10545-12 no frost
Stain resistance UNE EN 10545-14 minimum
Breaking strength (break module) UNE EN 10545-4 >14,5 MPa
Breaking strength UNE EN 10545-4 >3200 N
Colour tolerance UNE EN 10545-13 ΔE < 1
Dimensional Tolerance: side straightness UNE EN 10545-2 ±0,2%
Dimensional Tolerance: orthogonality UNE EN 10545-2 ±1%
Dimensional Tolerance: side curvature UNE EN 10545-2 ±0,5%
Dimensional Tolerance: length / height UNE EN 10545-2 ±1mm / ±2mm
Thickness tolerance UNE EN 10545-2 18 mm±10%
Reaction to fire EN 13501 A1/B-s1, d0 *

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