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Student residence Yugo Aleu, Barcelona

New construction project with Faveker ceramic façade for Yugo Aleu Student Residence, located in the city of Barcelona. Yugo Aleu Residence is a modern student accommodation situated in the South Campus of the University Zone, which houses several faculties of the UB and UPC. It is located opposite the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Geology of the UB.

This is a building designed with a modern and functional architectural approach, adapted to accommodate students. The Faveker ceramic façade brings clean and minimalist lines to the project, with a contemporary design that reflects modern aesthetics, using gray tones. Thus, GA20 ceramic helps reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact.

Special attention is paid to the safety of materials and systems used in these types of buildings. In this case, the FTS502B fixing system is used to anchor the ceramic panels to the façade, ensuring the safety of the residents.