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FTS 505 fixing system for vertical installation of ventilated facades

Hidden fixing system for vertical installation of extruded ceramic pieces. It consists of a combination of horizontal and vertical profiles, on which customized clips for FAVEKER® tiles are fixed.

Adaptability of this system is such that it can be used even for vertical out-of-phase designs. It includes EPDM profile to protect the back wall against the entry of water through the horizontal gap as well as to mitigate impact and wind vibrations. It is valid for GA16, GA20 and GA30.

Components of the fixing system

Horizontal load bracket H60

Termostop H60mm

Vertical load bracket H120

Termostop ménsula H120

Expansive metallic fixer

Polyamide TFUX fixer

Plastic top for polyamide fixer

Self-drilling screw 5,5

EPDM T profile

EPDM L Profile

Double Clip GA16 13mm

Simple Clip GA16 13 mm GA20 15 mm GA30 19 mm

Self-drilling screw 4,8

End Zeta Grooved Profile

Intermediate Omega Grooved Profile

Start Omega Grooved Profile

T profile

505 Fixing System Installation Tutorial

Technical documentation